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  Positions Held
  Director In-Charge, ICMK, Since 2010.
  0497-2754 044 (O), 2725057 (R )
  Date of Joining
1. M.A., (Economics)
2. M.Phill., (Economics)
3. M.B.A., (HR)
4. FDPM (IIM, Ahmadabad)
5. CTFC (BIRD, Lucknow)

1. Faculty-Member, ICMK Since 1993
2. Asst. Professor, VAMNICOM, Pune 2006-09
3. Junior Chamber Institutional

  Area Of Specialisation
1. General Management
2. Organisational Behaviour
3. Business Policy

  Training Undergone (TOT Programmes attended at)
  Attended many training programmes officially by office such as VAMNICOM and BIRD.
  Consultancy Works Under Taken
  1.Works as Chief Consultant in many of the Institute
  Published more than 50 Articles of Management, Consumer Relations, Soft Skills, Cooperative Management in various journals and magazines including:
* NIRD Network Journal, Yojan.
* Malaysian Journal of Cooperative Management