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Forthcoming Programmes

Forthcomig programmes

Sl. No Name of the programme Duration Start Date End Date Course Coordinator
1 Programme on Taxation for the Secretaries of Service Cooperative Banks 3 Days 03/01/2018 05/01/2018 Dr.A.K. Zakir Hussain
2 Programme on Project Preparation and Funds Management for the Secretaries of Women Cooperatives 3 Days 08/01/2018 09/01/2018 Sri.A.Eswaramoorthy
3 Management Development Programme for the Secretaries of Coir Cooperatives 3 Days 10/01/2018 12/01/2018 Sri.V.N.Babu
4 Programme on Changing Cooperative Legal Framework and RTI for the Inspectors and Auditors of Coop. Department 3 Days 15/01/2018 17/01/2018 Dr.B.Niranjan Raj Urs
5 Programme on Aspects of Cooperative Accounting for the Officers of Dairy Dept. 2 Days 18/01/2018 19/01/2018 Sri.A.Eswaramoorthy
6 Programme on Arbitration and Liquidation (Officers of Industries and all Allied Depts.) 3 Days 22/01/2018 24/01/2018 Dr.B. Niranjan Raj Urs
7 Programme on Office Automation using MS Office for the Secretaries of Agri. Improvement/Multi-purpose / Women Cooperatives 3 Days 29/01/2018 31/01/2018 Sri.R.Pandian
8 Programme on Bank Management for the Officers of Urban Cooperative Banks 3 Days 05/02/2018 07/02/2018 Dr.B. Niranjan Raj Urs
9 Programme on Work Life Balance for the Officers of Coop. Department 2 Days 08/02/2018 09/02/2018 Sri.A.Eswaramoorthy
10 Programme on Leadership Development for the Chairman/CEO of FPOs spon. by NABARD 3 Days 14/02/2018 16/02/2018 Sri.M.V.Sasikumar
11 Programme on Augmenting Institutional Sustenance for the Secretaries of Dairy Cooperratives 2 Days 19/02/2018 20/02/2018 Sri.V.N.Babu
12 Programme on Taxation (Auditors of Directorate of Coop. Audit) 3 Days 21/02/2018 23/02/2018 Dr.A.K.Zakir Hussain
13 Programme on Leadership Development for the President/Board Members of SC/ST Cooperatives – Spon. by NCCE , New Delhi 3 Days 26/02/2018 28/02/2018 Sri.A.Eswaramoorthy