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Forthcomig programmes

Sl. No Name of the programme Duration Start Date End Date Course Coordinator
1 Programme on Accounting for the Officers of Dairy Development Department 2 Days 03/01/2019 04/01/2019 Shri. V. N. Babu
2 Programme on Managerial Effectiveness fore the Secretaries of SCBs 3 Days 07/01/2019 09/01/2019 Shri. M.V. Sasikumar
3 Programme on Refresher Course for the Officers of Cooperative Department 5 Days 07/01/2019 11/01/2019 Dr.A.K. Zakir Hussain
4 Workshop on Disaster Management for the Office Bearers / Chief Executives of Coops. in Coastal Region and Coops. in the Hilly Regions 2 Days 10/01/2019 11/01/2019 Dr.B.Niranjan Raj Urs
5 Programme Skill Development Programme for the Sub-staff of Cooperative Institutions 3 Days 14/01/2019 16/01/2019 Shri.M.V. Sasikumar
6 Career Development Programme for the Ministerial Staff of Credit Cooperative Institutions 5 Days 14/01/2019 18/01/2019 Shri.M.V. Sasikumar
7 Programme on Computer Awareness and Internet Applications for the Personnel of Credit Cooperatives 2 Days 17/01/2019 18/01/2019 Shri. R. Pandian
8 Programme on Refresher Course for the Officers of Cooperative Department 5 Days 21/01/2019 25/01/2019 Dr.B. Niranjan Raj Urs
9 Programme on Strategy for Evolving a Sustainable Business by Weavers Cooperatives for the Secretaries of Weavers Cooperatives 3 Days 21/01/2019 23/01/2019 Shri.V.N. Babu
10 Programme on Office Automation using Word and Excel for the Secretaries of SCBs and Other Credit Cooperatives 3 Days 28/01/2019 30/01/2019 Shri.R.Pandian
11 Leadership Development Programme for the BODs of Labour Coops. – Sponsored by NCCE, New Delhi 3 Days 28/01/2019 30/01/2019 Shri.M.V. Sasikumar
12 Professional Development Programme for the Supervisory Staff of Cooperative Institutions 6 Days 04/02/2019 09/02/2019 Shri.V.N. Babu
13 Programme on IT Security and Cyber Laws for the BOD/CEOs of Cooperative Credit Institutions 3 Days 11/02/2019 13/02/2019 Shri.R. Pandian
14 Programme on Technology Enabled Financial Inclusion for the BODs / General Managers of UCBs 2 Days 14/02/2019 15/02/2019 Dr.A.K.Zakir Hussain
15 Leadership Development Programme for the BODs of Hospital Coops. – Sponsored by NCCE, New Delhi 3 Days 18/02/2019 20/02/2019 Dr.B.Niranjan Raj Urs
16 Programme on Core Banking and Cloud Computing Solution for the Secretaries and Senior staff of SCBs 2 Days 21/02/2019 22/02/2019 Shri.R. Pandian
17 Leadership Development Programme for BODs of Consumer and Marketing Cooperatives Sponsored by NCCE New Delhi 3 Days 25/02/2019 27/02/2019 Shri. V. N. Babu
18 Management Development Programme for BODs / Chief Executives of Labour Contract Societies 3 Days 26/02/2019 28/02/2019 Shri.M.V. Sasikumar